Otto McDowell

Operations Supervisor

Otto McDowell brings a wealth of knowledge in business administration, communication and the retail sector to Helen’s Daughters as the organisation’s Operations Supervisor.

Before joining Helen's Daughters, Otto spent eight years working in the telecoms retail space, overseeing the maintenance of stores and brand guidelines. He provided training for staff on products and services and ensured proper representation of those to properly to customers. Otto played a key part in several successful campaign launches throughout these years through training, space outfitting and suitable communication. He is highly experienced in diverse stakeholder coordination.

Otto values team member empowerment. He believes an empowered team results in a group of individuals to can better undertake their duties. Otto has a lasting desire to learn and believes it allows him and those around him to grow. He possesses educational qualifications in business management and administration, is a Certified Associate Project Manager, and has a Diploma in Theology.

Otto's hobbies are exercising, reading and he is very active at his local church which has helped him understand the value of community and outreach. At Helen's Daughters, he aims to work towards truly making a difference in people’s lives and that would entail a lot of learning and advocating the belief that we all can play a part in making the Caribbean a better place to live.


Helen's Daughters (HD) is a non-profit organization that focuses on the economic development of rural women through improved market access, adaptive agricultural techniques, and capacity-building.

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