Mobilizing rural
women through
empowerment and

Our organization is not only shifting attitudes around gender roles in the agricultural sphere, but also positioning rural women as key actors in driving sustainable development in the caribbean

In the Eyes of a FarmHer
(Agri-Tourism Tour)

'In the Eyes of a FarmHer,' is our farm tour, sample market, and exposition that allows our FarmHers to showcase their farms, locally produced products and share heartfelt testimonials about their struggles and triumphs as women in agriculture


Health and Wellness Fairs

We run free quarterly health and wellness clinics across the St. Lucia in an effort to lead a national message in response to the many health issue associated with unhealthy lifestyles crippling the island. These include but are not limited to lack of physical activity, poor diet, and lack of access to affordable health care. It is also intended to pay homage to women in rural areas who toil to provide for their families whilst putting their health and wellness aside

Rural Women's Ag-cademy &
Women’s Farmers Academy

Our training programmes run in St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Vincent & the Grenadines and feature experts from each island from Sustainable Agriculture, Financial Literacy, Agri-business Development, Nutritional Marketing and Agri-Tourism


Sustainable Change Project

We collaborated with the University of British Columbia's 2018 Humanitarian Engineering to launch a Sustainable Change Project to promote disaster-resistant farming techniques. The students collaborated with our rural women farmers in St. Lucia to identify different sustainable agricultural practices and recommendations that can be implemented, resulting in the creation of a Sustainable Agriculture Handbook. Check out the Resource page for our Handbook!

Farm to farm visits

Farm-to-farm visits involve visiting commercial farms or farm exchanges within our FarmHer network. Our women are guided through the farm's daily tasks and are accompanied by an agricultural consultant to share even more knowledge; this initiative provides peer-to-peer support as a result of knowledge gained not only from experts but also from their farm sisters, allowing our members to share their knowledge and skills with one another while also putting those skills into practice firsthand.


The Helen’s Daughters & Sir Arthur Lewis
Community College Scholarship Program

We’ve established an annual Helen's Daughters Scholarship for two (2) female students accepted into either the Agribusiness Entrepreneurship or Climate Smart-Crop programmes at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. The scholarship covers all tuition fees as well as an internship at the organization throughout the duration of their studies.

Water Tank Initiative

Water insecurity has become an increasing threat to the Caribbean region and impacts women more severely as they are often responsible for water collection. With the increasing number of droughts, many of our women farmers have lost entire fields of crops, affecting their ability to support themselves and their families economically, which is why we partnered with a local water tank manufacturer to get a discounted price on ten 1,000 gallons purchased by our organization and donated to member farmers.


Agri-Apprenticeship Programme

Part of our partnership with Hotel Chocolat, is the establishment of the first ever all-female agri-apprenticeship programme for two young women from the neighbouring villages of Soufriere and Choiseul. This is a year long programme where the apprentices will manage a hybrid aquaponics and sell their produce directly to the hotel, allowing them firsthand experience in running an agri-business, this will be coupled with training and mentorship. Towards the end of the programme, the apprentices can either start their own agricultural businesses with start-up funds provided by Helen's Daughters, or they have the option of working with Helen's Daughters or Hotel Chocolat.


FarmHers Market

In an effort to create market opportunities for our FarmHers, we host a monthly ‘FarmHers Market’ at the courtyard of the beautifully painted Alliance Francaise ‘The Pyramid’ featuring an assortment of home-grown goodies from fruits, vegetables, jams, pepper sauces, kombucha, handmade soaps and sauerkraut all made from the hands of a FarmHer.

Helen's Daughters (HD) is a non-profit organization that focuses on the economic development of rural women through improved market access, adaptive agricultural techniques, and capacity-building.

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